How to mock jQuery calls with Jest with real world example

Jest is a JavaScript testing framework maintained by Facebook, Inc. designed and built by Christoph Nakazawa with a focus on simplicity and support for large web applications. It works with projects using Babel, TypeScript, Node.js, React, Angular, Vue.js and Svelte. Wikipedia

In this post, you will learn the following thing

  • How to use mock
  • How to mock Jquery selector
  • How to assert on mock
    Let’s start. Let’s suppose you have the following javascript function
 const save = ($) => {
    if (!$('#button').hasClass('expanded')) {
    } else {

As you can see the function is dependent on Jquery($) object. Now either you can pass the real jquery object or you can jest powerful feature mocking. In this post, I will show you how to mock Jquery and write a test for the above function

describe( 'Hide show on click of button', () => {
	const addClass = jest.fn();
	const removeClass = jest.fn();
	const hasClass = jest.fn(className => {return true;});

	const jQuery = jest.fn(() => ({

	it( 'removes class when has class', () => {

In the above code, you can see that I am creating a jquery mock object with the required method needed by the save function and then by asserting on the mock call.

Happy Coding :)

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