Find the middle of a given linked list

The tortoise and hare algorithm is a classic algorithm to find the median of a linked list. It is named after the fable of the tortoise and the hare, where the tortoise wins by virtue of its steady pace.

The algorithm works as follows:

  • Use two pointers, one moves one step at a time, the other moves two steps at a time

  • When the fast pointer reaches the end of the linked list, the slow pointer is at the middle

  • If the length of the linked list is even, the slow pointer will be at the second middle

  • If the length of the linked list is odd, the slow pointer will be at the middle
    The time and space complexity of the algorithm is as below

  • Time complexity: O(n)

  • Space complexity: O(1)

//How to find mid point of a linked list in one pass of the linked list

class Node {
    constructor(value) {
        this.value = value; = null;

class LinkedList {
    constructor() {
        this.head = null;
        this.tail = null;
        this.length = 0;
    push(value) {
        const newNode = new Node(value);
        if (this.head === null) {
            this.head = newNode;
            this.tail = newNode;
        } else {
   = newNode;
            this.tail = newNode;
        return this;

    findMid() {
        let slow = this.head;
        let fast = this.head;
        while (fast !== null && !== null) {
            slow =;
            fast =;
        return slow;

const list = new LinkedList();


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