Testing vanilla JavaScript with Jest

If you want to learn how to write javascript tests with jest, this book is for you. In this book, you’ll find real-world examples of jest testing, such as testing JQuery event/selector, localStorage, IntersectionObserver, timer, and more. This book is for this book is intended for automation testing professionals, software and web testers, and frontend web developers with intermediate-level JavaScript and beginner-level test automation knowledge. If you’re a jasmine/mocha tester looking to migrate to Jest and take advantage of its features, this is a great resource. It is necessary to have an intermediate understanding of JavaScript programming and a basic understanding of web testing.

  • How to mock JQuery event using JEST
  • How to mock window property using JEST
  • How to mock Javascript Event using JEST
  • How to mock JQuery selector using JEST
  • How to mock a third party library using JEST
  • How to mock javascript setInterval and setTimeout using jest
  • How to mock/test IntersectionObserver using JEST
  • How to write a unit test for HTML 5 WebComponent using jest
  • How to test Jquery ajax
  • Mock XMLHttpRequest
  • How to mock window.location.replace and href with Jest
  • How to mock and test javascript cookie
  • How to test HTML5 canvas API

Testing JavaScript with Jest: A Practical Guide to testing vanilla

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