Find Highest in each group using LINQ

I’ll show you how to use LINQ to objects to find the maximum item in each group.

Consider this scenario: I have a list of students in this case, along with their grades and marks. Our aim is to determine the student, grade, and there max marks in each group.

  • First Group by the Grade
  • Then sort each group by Marks in descending order
  • Then take first of each group
public class Student
	public int Id { get; set; }
	public string Name { get; set; }
	public string Grade { get; set; }
	public int Marks { get; set; }

void Main(string[] args)
	var students = new List<Student>(){

				new Student{Id=1,Name="John",Grade="I",Marks=10},
				new Student{Id=2,Name="Jane",Grade="II",Marks=80},
				new Student{Id=3,Name="Jack",Grade="III",Marks=50},
				new Student{Id=4,Name="Lee",Grade="VI",Marks=60},
				new Student{Id=5,Name="Tin",Grade="II",Marks=50},
				new Student{Id=6,Name="Santosh",Grade="VII",Marks=40},
				new Student{Id=7,Name="Bill",Grade="II",Marks=60},
				new Student{Id=8,Name="Jonson",Grade="VI",Marks=91},
				new Student{Id=9,Name="Jason",Grade="VI",Marks=92},
				new Student{Id=10,Name="Steve",Grade="III",Marks=72},
				new Student{Id=11,Name="Prem",Grade="VII",Marks=40},
				new Student{Id=12,Name="Test",Grade="VII",Marks=30},
				new Student{Id=13,Name="Dove",Grade="I",Marks=20},

	var results = students.GroupBy(s => s.Grade)
		.Select(d => d.OrderByDescending(d => d.Marks))
	.Select(d => d.First());

	foreach (var student in results)


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