How to invoke REST endpoint from Visual Studio Code

VS Code (Visual Studio Code) is a free editor from Microsoft, which is very popular nowadays. Visual studio code supports almost all language from code compilation, IntelliSense to debugging. The best part of the VS Code is extensions. VS Code has a vast collection of extensions; one of them is REST Client extensions which allow sending a request to REST API without leaving the editor.
In this article, I will show you how to use REST Client extensions in the VS Code

Create a file named

Make Get Request

Then use the following syntax to make a GET request

GET http://localhost:3000/book

Once you type the above text in the file. REST client will show you send request link as shown in the below figure

How to invoke REST endpoint from Visual Studio Code

Make a post request

To make a post request use the following code snippet.

POST  http://localhost:3000/book
Content-Type: application/json

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