What is Renderer2 in Angular?

If you are working on Angular, then you must know about Renderre2. It is a complete API of Angular that allows rendering virtual DOM that makes the application performant.
Renderer2 is a class that provided API to manipulate elements of your APP without directly touching the DOM. It can be used in applications like Server-side rendering, native mobile app, and applications that don’t have DOM access.

import {Component,Renderer2,ViewChild,ElementRef,
} from  "@angular/core";
selector: "my-app",
templateUrl: `
<h1 #h1> Hello World</h1>`,
styles: []
export  class AppComponent implements AfterViewInit {
@ViewChild("h1") el: ElementRef;
constructor(private rd: Renderer2) {}
	ngAfterViewInit() {
	this.rd.setStyle(this.el.nativeElement, "color", "red");

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