How to remove duplicate item from JavaScript array

In this post, I will show you how to remove the duplicate item from the javascript Array.
The naive approach is to loop the array (using map, foreach or filter) and keep track of the visited item and push the non visited item to the temp array.
For example, let’s suppose you have the following array.

const fruites=['Apple','Orange','Manago','Apple','Grapes']

and you want to remove the duplicate from the array. In this case, Apple is a duplicate item.

function removeDuplicates(array) {
  let unique = [] => 
    if(!unique .includes(x) {
      unique .push(x)
  return unique 

If you are using ES6 then you can use Set to remove the duplicate

function removeDuplicates(array) {
	   return [ Set(array)]

NOTE: Set stores unique elements from the array.

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