String Formatting FAQ

Q.How do I show numbers with 5 fixed digits with leading zeroes Ans: int _num1 = 123; int _num2 = 45; int _num3 = 123456; String.Format("{0:00000}", _num1); //"00123" String.Format("{0:00000}", _num2); //"00045" String.Format("{0:00000}", _num3); //"123456" String.Format("{0:d5}", _num1); //"00123" String.Format("{0:d5}", _num2); //"00045" String.Format("{0:d5}", _num3); //"123456" Q:Can I substitute a string for a value? Ans: Yes: String.Format("{0:yes;;no}", value) This will print "no" if value is 0, "yes" if value is 1. Q:What’s the most efficient way to convert a type into a string? Ans: Double testDouble = 19.95; String testString1 = String.Format("{0:C}", testDouble); // Boxing operation required. String testString2 = testDouble.ToString(”C”); // No boxing operation required. Q:How can I format as percentage without having the number multiplied by 100? Ans: Put a single quote (’) before the % in the format string. myString.Format("{0:##.00′%", 1.23); This will yield "1.23%". Q:Can I convert a number with a thousand separator to an int? Ans: Yes - no matter what thousand separator is in use for your locale. int x = int.Parse("1,345"); // fails int x = int.Parse("1,345",System.Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowThousands) This gives you an x of 1345. Q:How can I use curly brackets within a formatted number? Ans: Yes - doubling them escapes them. For example: string.format("{{SomeString}}={0}","Hello"); will produce: "{SomeString}=Hellow" Q:How can I convert from currency back to a number? Ans: You can add the bitmapped values of the Globalization.NumberStyles enumeration. // format double to currency str = string.Format("{0:c}", pmt); // parse currency formatted string to double double.Parse(str, Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowCurrencySymbol + Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowDecimalPoint + Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowThousands); Q:What’s a good way to format currency? Ans: double val = 4219.6; str = string.Format("{0:$#,#.00;Call Us;Call Us}", val); This will return "$4,219.60". The .00 will force 2 decimals and the “;Call Us;Call Us” to show the text “Call Us” in place of negative and null values respectively. (Just in case) Q:How do I format an integer, with commas for thousands? A: string str = string.Format("{0:#,0}", intValue); Q:How can I format a phone number to look like 800.555.1212? A: There’s no direct way to do this; however you can get dashes in the output. So you can do this: string tempStr = String.Format(”{0:###-###-####}”, 8005551212); string result =tempStr.Replace(’-',’.');

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