Folders in ASP.NET 2.0

There are seven new folders introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 : \App_Browsers folder – Holds browser definitions(.brower) files which identify the browser and their capabilities. \App_Code folder – Contains source code (.cs, .vb) files which are automatically compiled when placed in this folder. Additionally placing web service files generates a proxy class(out of .wsdl) and a typed dataset (out of .xsd). \App_Data folder – Contains data store files like .mdf (Sql Express files), .mdb, XML files etc. This folder also stores the local db to maintain membership and role information. \App_GlobalResources folder – Contains assembly resource files (.resx) which when placed in this folder are compiled automatically. In earlier versions, we were required to manually use the resgen.exe tool to compile resource files. These files can be accessed globally in the application. \App_LocalResources folder – Contains assembly resource files (.resx) which can be used by a specific page or control. \App_Themes folder – This folder contains .css and .skin files that define the appearance of web pages and controls. \App_WebReferences folder – Replaces the previously used Web References folder. This folder contains the .disco, .wsdl, .xsd files that get generated when accessing remote web services


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